Support Coordinator

The role of a support coordinator

We will

  • Meet with you and discuss your goals and help you to understand your NDIS plan.
  • Work with you to make referrals to providers under your core budget and Capacity building budgets.
  • Work along side you and your supports including your family, therapists, support workers to meet your goals.
  • Work alongside you in building your knowledge and skills to understand and implement your NDIS plan where possible.
  • Monitor your supports and budget with you to ensure that the plan is sufficient to last the duration of the plan.
  • Complete reports as requested by the NDIA (usually at 8 weeks post implantation and 9 months) this can differ depending on plan length and complexity.
  • Work with you to gather information and prepare for you next NDIS plan review meeting.
  • We will work with your providers and services to utilise your capital funding, funding for your equipment, home and car modification needs.
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Something that makes us a little bit different to other support coordinators

  • At your request, we want to ensure we work alongside you to build your knowledge and understanding of the NDIS and how to implement your NDIS plan. We know that Support Coordination can be a time limited support and may not be funded in your next plan depending on the level of support you require. We want to ensure that if this is the case you have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to continue with confidence.
  • We understand the confusion and the difficulties that come along with having an NDIS plan, we have lived experience and we are here to work with you.
  • We have worked for the NDIS building plans and implementing supports and have a clear understanding of the NDIS act and where and when we can be flexible with supports.
  • We will keep you at the Centre of your plan and in control of your supports.

We care and we want the best outcomes for you

Justine Capell

Justine Capell

Tel: 0407-972-070
I have worked in the disability and mental health sector for 17 years.

  • Direct support
  • Mental health
  • Social education
  • Local area coordinator
  • Program manager
  • Team leader

I have a passion for building capacity and working alongside you to reach your individual goals in a way that works best for you.

I understand complexities and have a holistic approach to the supports I deliver.

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